Introducing SeekOut Robot


We’re excited to announce that we activated SeekOut Robot for all our Premium, Premium Tech, and Expert customers today!

The SeekOut Robot does what computers do well – extracting and analyzing data, running repetitive processes, weighing relevance. And lets you focus on what you’re great at – understanding key job requirements, evaluating candidates, and engaging prospects.

How does it work?

  • Give the Robot a JD and some additional information and it creates queries that are better than even most Boolean experts can create.
  • While the Robot makes it simple to build powerful searches, it doesn’t dumb down any of SeekOut’s powerful query capabilities. You can still use Boolean strings, field-based Boolean syntax, Power Filters, or any of SeekOut’s filters with the Robot.
  • When the Robot recommends candidates, you can add them to a project or reject them. When you reject someone, let the Robot know why so the system can more precisely adjust to your feedback.

Watch this short intro video on SeekOut Robot: