11 Ways Passive Talent Pays Off for Recruiters

For the past year, companies have faced an unprecedented talent shortage. While these are certainly challenging times for recruiters, there is also a tremendous opportunity when you consider that people are rethinking what they want in their jobs.  Rather than

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5 Costly Side Effects of a Slow Screening Process

“My favorite part of my job is reviewing hundreds of resumes every day,” said no recruiter ever. For recruiters and sourcers, prospect screening is equally as fundamental to the hiring process as it is tedious. What is it about reviewing

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Webinar Recap: How to Become a Trusted Talent Advisor

Many talent acquisition professionals have grown tired of the transactional model of recruiting. With the emergence of AI-powered talent platforms, recruiters go from being an order taker to trusted talent advisor. But how can you show hiring managers you have

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